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It is Kogin-zashi web magazine that provides useful information for people who enjoy Kogin-zashi all over the world. Koginbank collects and provides various information that can be shared and experienced Kogin-zashi for easy enjoyment by anyone.
If you like Kogin-zashi, you know that there is fun that you can’t stop if you start doing it. When you embroider your favorite color threads, you can get a very beautiful pattern in your hands. Super cute!, easy and interesting, these are the attraction of Kogin.
However, the origins of Kogin-zashi had a hard living background in Tohoku in the Samurai era. Kogin was an indispensable existence for life, but in the Meiji era the demand disappears at once and it declines once. However, at the beginning of the Showa era, it was picked up by the media by Mr. Muneyoshi Yanagi and revived and reached the present.
Three hundred years ago, women embroidered kogin-zashi as an indispensable work for everyday life. Today, women enjoy as fun handicrafts. Its fascinatingness is its most fascinating aspect of kogin, which has not changed since 300 years ago.
The times are changing and you do not need to wear kimonos, and with this simple technique and charm, a lot of people can enjoy with changing various forms.Koginbank pursues these unlimited possibilities in its pleasure.

koginbank is managed by us!

koginbank is operated by wasabi CRAFT, a leather and craft brand, and Atelier Torii Design Institute.Ltd., a product / UI / UX design and development company.


wasabi CRAFT sells original Koginzashi products. We have a range of products that you can feel visual attractiveness and deeply soft feel of stitched fabric. Thanks to people who have deep appeal beyond “enthusiasm” about Koginzashi, I knew the existence of invisible fun as well as Koginzashi itself. I believe that if I can tell the interest of this surrounding, I can extend the charming world of Koginzashi further. For that purpose I have created a community “koginbank” that can connect and share many Kogin fans.

※ What is Kogin-zashi
It is a traditional craft in Aomori prefecture, and now it is recognized as a sashiko (embroidery) of a hobby handicraft that anyone can easily and easily enjoy.

※ What is Sashiko
It is one of the embroidery that passes threads through cloth and makes geometric patterns and decorations with stitching.

Sashiko was originally a means to create reinforcement and heat retention effect of cloth used in daily life. Although it can be seen in the literature before the year 1000 AD, it is said that Sashiko which had been done in the Tohoku district of the Edo period is the origin of Sashiko which is currently transmitted. It is that poorly harvested farmers sewed used clothes circulated from Kyoto and covered their necessary clothing. In those days Kyoto’s used clothes were not distributed to Aomori. For that purpose, Kogin-zashi has achieved its own development with a poor material that can be covered locally.
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